Spiral In (Album)

by stephaniesĭd

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HeavySaturn Favorite. This song and the rest of the album brought me through a rough time when it came out! You can tell Stephanies music comes from the heart. :) Favorite track: Lazy Use of my Mind.


****Physical copies of this album are currently SOLD OUT/OUT OF PRINT. This album is available in digital format only*****

The Stephaniesid debut album. Released in 2004. The band consisted of 2 couples: Matthew and Kari Richmond (both played drums and vibraphone), and Stephanie and Chuck (keyboard & vox). This is the only guitarless Stephaniesid album. There was a ballet choreographed to it!


released April 15, 2004

Produced by Stephaniesid and Aaron Price
Recorded by Aaron Price at Collapseable Studios in Asheville, NC; and by Vic Stafford at Berkeley Studios in Atlanta, GA
Mixed by Matthew Richmond and Aaron Price
Mastered by Seva at Soundcurrent Mastering in Knoxville,TN

Stephanie Morgan: Vocals
Chuck Lichtenberger: Piano, Fender Rhodes Bass, Melodica, organ, keyboard, backing vocals
Matthew Richmond: Drums, vibraphone, keyboard, percussion
Kari Richmond: Vibraphone, percussion
Vic stafford: Drums
Aaron Price: Guitar, keyboard
Bill Smith: Percussion
Mary Ellen Bush and Sarah McDonald: Backing Vocals
Luscious soul claps: Jeff Tobin, Chuck Lichtenberger, Aaron Price, Stephanie Morgan

Jacket design: Robert Klein and Katie Kasben
Photos: Jeff Tobin
Honorary executive producers: Ed "Red Iron" Andersen, Larry and Irene Richmond

Stephaniesid would like to thank too many folks to count but we'll start with (alphabetically) Alvy, the Baltimore crew, Betsy & Philip, Carol & Ed, the Ensmingers, the Falcones, Grady, Jeff, Marcella, and Will, and all of you who inspire and encourage us in so many ways.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


stephaniesĭd Asheville, North Carolina

stephaniesĭd disbanded in 2016, But frontwoman Stephanie Morgan is taking over this site. She's still making "music for people who like to look under things" and hear a girl sing emotional, soulful pop-noir music, backed by an exceptional band. Based in Asheville, NC. Steph will probably be releasing a new album sometime in 2017. ... more

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Track Name: Popsicles

I'm 'bout to break
I'm 'bout to break
I'm no valiant teller on a
twang-toothed escape

I sink thunder all around their graves
move the popsicles into the shade
flip two coins into the maker's way
I'm the one for

It's a carnival
It's a carnival
I'm the tightrope walker and the

I sink thunder all around their graves
Move the popsicles into the shade
Flip two times and do just what you say
I'm no match for

I sink thunder all around their graves
Move the popsicles into the shade
I know every little sound you make
Every bend of
Track Name: Somethin' to See
Somethin’ to See

She woke up late again
‘s about the 20th time this month
she says “There’s nothin’ to get up for yet
there’s prettier things here in my bed

She stands on the outside lookin’ in
She’s an Esther Williams movie set
It’s a beautiful scene…she’s smilin’
But the 2x4’s on the other side

Hold her up tonight

She’s somethin’ to see

He says he knows the ropes
She says all but the one around my neck
And she claims that sweet sweet

Sadness gives her somethin’ to

Sing about
She says “If you turned me inside
out babe, I wouldn’t be the same” but

He says “Go shake it”

She says “I’m gonna quit tryin’ to make them
Proud of me, proud of me, proud…
And I’ll be proud of myself”
it’s just one for the money

Two for the show, now