starfruit (album)

by stephaniesĭd

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this record is the theme music to a universe. it was born over months & months of begging, deep in the bowels of the home, underground in its basement, excavating echoes & running them backward through reverb machines. dehydrated, hazy-eyed. craving fruit. into the dim passed the offering of nine brilliant musicians, gamely entrusting a house-recording experiment with their gorgeously crafted intonations. track by track, a mouthwatering other-world reached into materialization, hovering a few feet above some cheap microphones, a laptop, & the pit of the stormy sea. only some of its characters are mortals; all sport coquettish dance moves or baskets of pineapples. in this universe, it is good etiquette to make friends with the unlikelies, & to serve them yam-blood candy out of your ripped floral handbag. in this hopeful place, it is customary to eat fruit in the shape of stars.

i hope you enjoy the album.
:) steph


released October 18, 2011

produced and engineered by stephanie morgan
mixed by jeff knorr at collapseable studios in asheville, nc
mastered by seva at soundcurrent studios in knoxville, tn
original cover art by jenny greer at sound mind media

stephanie morgan: vocals, guitar, synths
chuck lichtenberger: piano, rhodes, synths, backing vocals on "so low"
tim haney: drums
justin ray: flugelhorn, trumpet
jacob rodriguez: bari & tenor sax, bass clarinet, hand claps
matthew richmond: vibraphone, bells, percussion
jonathan pearlman: guitar
jon reid: marimba, rhodes, melodica, ukulele, bass on "house of many colors"
sarah hurd: violin orchestra
susanne hackett: additional vocals on "cinematic"

© 2011 stephaniesid (bmi) on nine mile records
this work is licensed under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial-sharealike 3.0 unported license.

to chuck: you are my rock. with integrity & light, you make it all work, & you challenge me to be better. to the naked babies for their bravery & love, especially jon (my brother in music) for your elevating contributions to this record. to the stephaniesid fans: you have imbibed in our fitful music & confessed to us in brilliant & humbling ways (thank you for our friendship). to rick, for years of belief. to timmy, for being family. to the j’s, for... also being family. to dream academy, norman gimbel, & charles fox. to shuggie otis. to jennaaaay. to jeff. to larry. to vic. to seva. to our small black dog, coley-bear: r.i.p.




stephaniesĭd Asheville, North Carolina

stephaniesĭd disbanded in 2016, But frontwoman Stephanie Morgan is taking over this site. She's still making "music for people who like to look under things" and hear a girl sing emotional, soulful pop-noir music, backed by an exceptional band. Based in Asheville, NC. Steph will probably be releasing a new album sometime in 2017. ... more

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Track Name: closer
i you i go closer you come closer we grow closer ay ay ay ay ay steam trains & other mad things float around the spaces in my bones yeah in my bones just like they own the place & it's the little things that make them hum & make them blow their horns it's the little things like the way you sing or the way you shut me down 'cause i like it when you like to rev them up by calling me out on the little things it's a mean thing that i swallow like water oh i know i said i wouldn't but oh well say it again i’mma blow i'm a big train everybody wants to start something but no one's up for finishing everyone wants to eat some bread but no one's up for baking it everyone's tryin' to grow grow but everyone's got to go slow it’s a baby it’s a mountain
Track Name: life of pi
come alive yeah we all love a good story i learned to love theater i waited & i found someone who can open song & flower sing it out sounds better to say aloud it plays better if you chase it down rather than to murder the fantasy & it’s all in your mind you can take it anywhere with you it goes & the limits no one knows would you be so kind as to share what only you could know it’s a beautiful thing come around to the beauty of a story take out a microscope & break it all down tiger tiger tiger tiger in a boat boat boat boat boat boat danger danger danger danger & it’s all in your mind you can fake it you can make the truth your own you’re a queen upon a throne would you be so kind as to tell what only you would know it’s so beautiful oh
Track Name: cadiz
six euro coins in my pocket i flew to cádiz to start over & realized i ran out of money i went to the socialist hostel & said that i’d work for a room but by noon my throat was all up in knives & i wandered the streets immune to the paella & tortilla i’d come back for a fever was catching in my shoulders i stumble to the maleçon uncontrollably sobbing i’m looking into the sea & i’m wondering if i can beg a man passes by with his daughter & i scare her with mad grief in my eyes i am crying for everything a call to western union for leaving you in london & for wanting to have some kind of home i have here the calling card number memorized it’s a vice ‘round my brain when you pick up the phone you whisper ‘cause i left you suddenly you shouldn’t let your mama hear you go upstairs to your room shut the door & i ask you with a mouthful of tears for you to say baby to me like you would & if you can buy me a ticket back to you
Track Name: i like it
maybe i like when you are off on your own maybe i like when you are on the phone sayin’ i like it i like it i like it alone i like it i like it i like it a lot maybe i’ll take you when all of the others are gone maybe i’m faking some of the time when they’re not oh we could go out we might get by we could get high we could suck wind among the crows packing them in in rows & rows tonight i need a deep sleep a sturdy swim in my own green sea i’ll make a star out of foil & of string that i’ve found i’ll throw it high & i’ll cry as it falls to the ground
Track Name: cinematic
music & lyrics: stephanie morgan
Track Name: doggy song
once i got into my slumber i saw something running & i began chasing it you know it's funny how only when dreaming you get to do anything you can do anything i sleep oh i sleep i am an old boy i am ninety eight in the people years old boy but still i'm a baby i'm a constitution without a preamble i got all these rules that my body must follow
Track Name: starf***er
you got to remember she’s a starfucker you can’t really blame us for our lack of understanding you’re gonna get claustrophobic sucker if you open the door she’ll be always wanting more well the first time it’s magic oh you feel so autocratic oh but now you got skinned knees & static cling boy wherever you go there you are you got to remember she’s a level-five clinger when you’re craving the milk for free & living for the now you think you can run with bulls & graze out in the pasture but just don’t be so silly boy you always buy the cow well the first time it’s magic oh you feel so autocratic don’t let the insecurities & madness win boy remember that you’re a star while she’s a-simmering on the back burner she’s making a stew upon the stovetop of your heart & then when the main course arrives you can be sure you will be spoiling your dinner boy before you even start
Track Name: i like it too
(see lyrics to "i like it" and replace "i'll throw it high" with "smash it goodbye")
Track Name: house of many colors
if you never go then you will never know if you never know then you will never grow i would make a bad poet i can never lie but it's not the same on the inside smokescreens & pipe dreams blanket my mind’s screams building a house of many colors oh but sweating on the inside when house becomes a tower you lean a little on the clues & a little bit of fact a little hint of this & the brutal truth of that you simmer it together like a ratatouiile stew save a dance for me & I'm beholden to you
Track Name: multiply
i stick out like a sore thumb when i am myself but i’d rather see a lot of sore thumbs than all the ho-hum ho-hum i got brains with a bright orange tan i’m a-carrying jelly beans enough for everyone & i’ll still have some for myself ‘cause they multiply all that is me i can be more
Track Name: so low
our house is on the ground our things are scattered ‘round us for now & how we tried to get so high but we’re shaking & we’re low ah so low but wait we will rebuild the house we’ll have to pick up heavy things we’ll have to grow so low low low low we feel so low